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Joker Movie Review: That’s Life


“All of you. You decide what’s right or wrong. Just like you decide what’s funny or not.” Joker, 2019

One word….Brilliant! Let me first start by mentioning that this is not your ordinary comic book film. This movie marks a point of evolution in the genre of comic based films. It is a hybrid genre which is largely a psychological thriller. Every single aspect of this film was expertly planned from the dialogue to the pacing, the soundtrack, and the plot. Even fans of the Batman comic universe will be pleased by the details that unfold as the movie progresses. This was the very definition of genius film making. The film begins with a very raw, in depth look into Arthur Fleck’s life’s struggles. He is a man who struggles to live within societal norms while managing an array of dysfunctional mental illnesses. This portion of the film is intentionally slow and awkward, which places the audience directly into Fleck’s shoes. Fleck experiences a true release once he is pushed to the brinks of his madness by a city that never acknowledges him as one of their own. Once Arthur forgoes his desire for normality and truly accepts the extremities of his condition, he begins to approach life with more zest and charisma. The pacing of the film increases in speed. Even the soundtrack becomes more upbeat and lively. This midpoint exhilaration develops even more and takes a sharp turn in direction as Arthur learns the truth behind his origins. This truth validates his madness in a way that causes him to unapologetically release the insanity within. The scenes that follow take place as if a stick of dynamite is fizzling down to the most explosive ending that has taken place in any film this year. This movie was truly an exhilarating journey into wild and extraordinary levels of deviancy.

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