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Imagine through Fashion


Written by: J.E. Tyler


Author/Poet J.E. Tyler, District of Fashion Runway Show (Smithsonian American Art Museum)


“As a creative, it is imperative that we always push boundaries and frequently interface with the most unusual statements of art.”

Although New York City has long been considered to be our nation’s center for all things fashion.  The thriving style of Washington, D.C. is quickly on the rise.  On any given day, one can witness the multitude of diverse styles on the city’s streets.  As a style-challenged creative from the heart of southern Alabama, I’ve always been intrigued by the bold and eclectic styles of our nation’s capital.  For this reason, when I learned of the Downtown District of Fashion Runway Show, I made it my duty to be present for this event.  As a creative, it is imperative that we always push boundaries and frequently interface with the most unusual statements of art.  One thing I have come to learn is that the fashion world is responsible for many of history’s boldest artistic statements.  This is a fact that was certainly proven to be true within the courtyard of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Upon entering the Courtyard space, my eyes were instantly treated to the sight of the Museum’s classic architecture accented by the violet projections of professional studio track lighting.  From there, the sights of beautifully maintained trees, well-placed television monitors, and signature runway backdrops perfectly constructed the mood for the evening.  Fabulously dressed patrons who made up some of the DMV’s (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) most artistic, stylish and elite feasted on complimentary cocktails and horsdoeuvres while enjoying the vibes of a saxophone led soundtrack.  The setting was absolutely ideal for the treats of artistic expression that would soon follow.

The evening’s Master of Ceremonies, Paul Wharton, commanded the attention of the audience as the runway extravaganza commenced.  Patrons hurried to take their places on benched seating positioned on both sides of the runway.  The following hours were filled with the most extraordinary outfits from the highly anticipated Spring and Summer of 2020 fashion lines.  The featured designers were Abrams Wearable, Bemade, Dur Doux, Insight Opticians, Mylk & Honey Clothier, Shari Henry, the SJL Collection and last but not least, TrueFacebyGrace.  There were swim suits for all sizes, business attire, evening gowns, casual wear, futuristic/ afro-centric designs, and even a skateboarding model.  We were even treated by the sight of a white, flowing gown with dazzling lights sewn into its seam.  It was as if the model was wearing Heaven’s highest clouds sewn to perfection against her flesh.

As the evening concluded, my creative vibes were bubbling with excitement.  The District of Fashion Runway Show was so enjoyable and exhilarating that I would be derelict if I had not taken photos to share with my audience of art lovers and creatives.  Please feast your eyes on some of the evening’s greatest designs, and be sure to look out for future iterations of Washington DC’s own kickoff of New York City Fashion Week.

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