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About Us

J.E. Tyler is an author, poet, and entrepreneur who believes in the monumental impact of creative storytelling.  Tyler creates both compelling and entertaining stories that reflect on the relevant themes which connect the varying cultures of our increasingly diverse society.  Since the age of ten, Tyler has written numerous amounts of short stories, poems, and even a stage play which was performed by the youth group of his hometown church, Destiny Vision Christian Center.  It however wasn’t until December of 2012 at the age of 27 that Tyler wrote and published his first novel, a gripping fantasy page turner entitled R.E.G. Aftermath.  SInce then, Tyler has published three novels including the fan favorite Rumor Series, a southern crime drama with an array of both compelling and relatable characters.  He has also published a comedic, romantic short story, and, most recently, a children’s book entitled Little Angels.  Through his newly minted media branding and production imprint, ScribBoy Scribe Media, Tyler plans to expand upon his catalogue of printed media by telling stories through the means of film and stage as well.  J.E. Tyler’s diverse collection of literary creations can be found at